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During the winter months of 2010, the Africa Reporting class traveled to various countries in sub-Saharan Africa and while traveling each student focused on a specific topic. The topics ranged from coffee manufacturing to beer brewing. Each photograph displayed shows what each student saw during their travels.

photo taken by Neelima Mahajan who traveled to Uganda

Yowana Simuya, a coffee farmer in the Nashanne village in Bududa district is pointing to his farm. Two-thirds of his farm has been devastated due to a landslide that occurred in August. He now lives in fear because there is a huge crack on what’s left of his farm and another heavy rain could easily devastate his entire land. The Bududa district has been experiencing terrible landslides since last year and several farmers lost their lives, as well as their farms.

photo taken by Paige Ricks who traveled to Uganda

In the United States, many relate beer drinking as a national pastime: A thing to do while watching Monday night football or barbecuing on the Forth of July. But, in Southern Uganda, men and women brew and drink beer to cure infectious diseases and lower malnutrition rates. Photographed is ajon, the traditional beer beverage in the Moda village of Kumi.

photo taken by Mwendalubi Maumbi who traveled to Kenya

In addition to erratic rain, pastoral farmers in Kenya have to deal the scarcity of land required to allow cattle to graze in the open. Above, Lawrence Njuguna Munyua, a successful dairy farmer, demonstrates a technique of planting Narpia Grass, used for fodder, for optimum yields.

photo taken by Jerome Hubbard who traveled to Uganda

Uganda is one of the largest producers of coffee in sub-Saharan Africa. The countries high altitude, high rainfall and mild climate are suited conditions for growing coffee. Above is a photo of a women workers picking out healthy coffee beans in a coffee factory in Kampala, the country’s capital.

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