Land Grab in the Niayes

Oct 27th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Stories

In only two generations, Pape Gueye has seen his family’s property shrink from some 150,000 acres to just 15 acres. His tireless work ethic, his status as a community leader, even the sustainable innovations he has introduced on his farm are no match for the insatiable appetite for cheap land now spreading across Senegal to house the nation’s surging population.

As the last farmers of Dakar are pushed to the margins, politicians and academics urge them to move further outside the city, to the Niayes Valley, where, they say, land is more fertile and less in demand. But even here, more than an hour’s drive from Dakar’s urban center, there is a frantic land grab taking place that threatens not only the livelihood of farmers like Papa Gueye but the food security of an entire nation.

Land Grab in the Niayes from Matt Durning on Vimeo.

Audio Recording:
Madeleine Bair

Elisabeth-Laure Njipwo

Produced, Shot, and Edited by:
Matt Durning

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