After the Floods

Oct 27th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Stories

As Dakar has grown, new densely-populated urban centers have sprung up all over the city. Many, like Diammaguen, have developed haphazardly in low-lying, flood-prone areas not suitable for such concentrated habitation.

Most of the residents here are poor, unskilled migrants from Senegal’s rural regions – agricultural people who fled the toil and diminished returns of the farm fields during periods of prolonged drought for the promise of a new life in the city. But once here, like so many of Dakar’s nearly three million residents, they’ve struggled to find stable sources of income and food.

A string of severe floods in recent years has made life in Diammaguen and areas like it even more unbearable. Now, a new generation must decide whether to stay and struggle in the city or return to the agricultural lives they left behind.

After the Floods from Matt Durning on Vimeo.

Audio Recording:
Madeleine Bair

Elisabeth-Laure Njipwo

Produced, Shot, and Edited by:
Matt Durning

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