World Food Summit: Day 2

Nov 17th, 2009 | By | Category: Student Work

Abla Mahdi Abdel Moniem is the executive director of Hawa, a women’s rights and humanitarian organization in Sudan.  While UN leaders met in the comfort of the FAO building in Rome on Monday and Tuesday, Abdel Moniem, along with other NGO leaders, met at a tent in the park across the street.  Later they met at an almost secret location resembling an old carnival near a decrepit art museum.  As part of a movement of the People’s Food Sovereignty Forum, social organization leaders from various countries came together to declare a need for change and food security in developing countries.  A witness to the violence and tragedy in Darfur, Abdel Moniem had a strong message for President Obama and the American people regarding terrorism and the need for peace to end hunger in developing countries.

Audio slideshow produced by SHALWAH EVANS and ALEXIA UNDERWOOD

Here is a summary of Day 2 at the People’s Food Sovereignty Forum.


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