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Biofuels in The Guardian

Stefano Valentino is based in Brussels and focuses on European and global issues. He has covered European affairs for the ...

‘Seeds of Uncertainty’ in Ugandan Media

Gerald Businge was a Gates Africa Fellow at the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism (2009-2010), where he was ...

‘Carbon Credits’ in Forbes India

Deepa Krishnan first published Carbon Credits to Conserve Uganda in Forbes India.  Krishnan was a visiting scholar with the Africa Reporting ...

‘Strange Brew’ in Earth Island Journal

Neelima Mahajan's piece Strange Brew appeared in Earth Island Journal in the Spring of 2012.  An excerpt of the article is ...

Coffee Leaf Rust in Daily Monitor

  Collaborating journalist Fred Muzaale reported on coffee leaf rust for the Daily Monitor while working with Neelima Mahajan of the Africa Reporting Project.

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‘War of Rape’ on European Parliament TV

A version of Laurel Moorhead’s story “War of Rape in the Congo” first appeared on European Parliament TV.  Moorhead was a student in the Africa Reporting Project in 2010-2011 when she produced this version of the film and currently works an associate digital producer for the political analysis show ‘The War Room with Jennifer Granholm‘ which […]

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The Central Valley and Agriculture

Fresno County is one of the top agricultural counties in the United States producing billions of dollars in revenue for growing crops like fruits, nuts, livestock, vegetables and other field crops. As the Africa Reporting Project class digs deeper into African agriculture and the Green Revolution, they decided to also look into their backyard.

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Alain de Janvry on everything from GMOs to the Green Revolution

In this Q&A reporter Aude Lorriaux talks with economist Alain de Janvry to gain some insight into how GMOs can revolutionize agriculture to find out why the Green Revolution didn’t work in Africa.

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